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PDF Password Recovery Tool for Mac

PDF Password Recovery Tool for Mac is designed for recovering PDF password on Mac computers. It supports remove PDF permission password directly and save new PDF files without passwords.


You may face an occasion that you have some PDF files are protected by a permission password that are forgotten. The editing, commenting, copying and printing permissions are restricted by the permission password, so you must need the application PDF Password Recovery Tool for Mac.


PDF Password Recovac is free for trial, after downloading and installing the application, you will get twentery Tool for My times to use the application for free. Install the application and you will see it in the folder Applications in Mac OS X. Run the application, and you see the interface as displayed below.

interface of PDF Password Recovery Tool for Mac

To remove the permission password, please add the PDF files to the process queue as displayed in the snapshot. Click Add File to add PDF files to the queue, Remove to remove the selected items, and Clear to remove all the items in the queue.


Click the button Choose to set the Output Folder to save the recovered PDF files with password removed. And then you may click the button Start to start the process. The application will process the PDF files in the process queue one by one. If the PDF file is protected only by permission password, the password will be directly removed and the PDF file will be saved to the Output Folder. If a PDF is encrypted by an open password, you need to input the correct open password during the process.


PDF Password Recovery Tool for Mac is a special tool for recovering permission password protected PDF, and removing PDF open password. You can get more information from its homepage.


If you are using a Windows system, you can try the Windows version of UndoPDF PDF Password Cracker.

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