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PDF Password Remover for Mac

PDF Password Remover for Mac is developed for removing open passwords (user password) of PDF files. It can also directly remove permission passwords of PDF that restrict the printing, copying, modifying and copying permissions.


PDF file format is popular and powerful electronic document format. It supports open and permission password to protect PDF files on two different ways. You can use an open password to deny those reader that do not have the password to open it, and permission password to restrict permissions of printing, copying, editing or commenting the PDF files.


If you want to remove the open password or forget the permission password, you might need PDF Password Remover for Mac. You download it for free trial and install it on your Mac computer. After the installation, you will see it in the folder of Applications in the Mac OS X system. The application interface is as displayed in the following screenshot.

remove open password of PDF

Click Add to add your PDF files of which the passwords will be removed. Then set an Output Folder to save the new PDF files without passwords. Click Start button beside Clear, and then the application will start to process the added PDF files. When come to an open password protected, you have to input the password to allow the application to open and save the PDF file. As to permission passwords, the application will remove them instantly without any requests.


With removing the restrictions of forgotten permission password, you can now edit the PDF files. With removing the open password of PDF files, you can share the PDF files without tell others the passwords. PDF Password Remover for Mac is helpful in occasions like these.


You may click the link to learn more about PDF Password Remover for Mac.


If you need a Windows version of PDF Password Remover, you can visit this webpage.

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